Fargo, ND


Riding Lessons & Horse Training in Fargo-Moorhead

Training is available in 30 day increments and as individual rides or sessions.

Individual sessions are roughly an hour long and include warm-up and cool down. Owners also have the option to warm the horse up themselves, leaving more time for training. These sessions will focus on a specific skill or need at the owner’s request.

30 Day sessions are on site at our home location in Moorhead MN. 30 days is per calendar month. Groundwork only includes 30 days of groundwork consisting of spacial awareness, lunging, long-lining, tack acceptance, and general ground manners. 30 days under saddle means the horse is worked daily, with a minimum of 20 rides depending on the horse’s fitness. If the horse is unable to handle 30 rides, the other days are used for groundwork.

30 Days – Tune-ups or discipline specific$1225
30 Days – Starting under saddle$1600
30 Days – Rehab$1400
Single Training Rides$25
Single Groundwork Sessions$15
Training Prices