Fargo, ND

Show Team

Riding Lessons & Horse Training in Fargo-Moorhead

Our Show Team competes at 6-10 shows each season. We encourage a supportive team environment and have riders from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. Each student competes at their own level and is encouraged to track their progress throughout the year.

Show weekends are a fantastic experience for our students and we all look forward to them all year long. During the weekends students prep their horses together, ride, compete, care for their horses, and participate in team activities. We regularly have potlucks and other events planned throughout the weekend. Each team member is also assigned worksheets to help them further their knowledge in the fields of dressage and jumping.

2022 Show Team

  • Hannah DorffGunnar, Ovation & Mia (Intro Level Dressage, Walk/Trot H/J)
  • Heidi JohnsonTwo Step – Year End Intro Level Dressage Champion (Walk/Trot H/J)
  • Carolyn DeJongWildfire – Joined post season
  • Gwen KernerWildfire – Year End Intro Level Dressage Reserve Champion
  • Reese GieseStarlight & Cascadia Aspas – Year End Junior Equitation over Fences Champion (Training Level Dressage)
  • Maizie GeigerStarlight – Year End Walk/Trot H/J Champion (Intro Level Dressage)
  • Fletcher GeigerPenny (Leadline Dressage)
  • Kirstin Greaney-StangerPride of Portree (Western Dressage, Walk/Trot H/J)
  • Lauren Von PinnonOvation (Prix Caprilli) – Not Pictured
  • Annika Greaney-StangerAll The Juice (Training Level Dressage Champion, Western Dressage Intro Level Reserve Champion, Walk/Trot H/J Reserve Champion), Jessie Wild Tiger (First Level Dressage Champion), Ruby Red (Intro Level Dressage), Cascadia Aspas (Hunter X-Rails, Training Level Dressage)