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Dressage & Jumping Lessons and Training in Fargo-Moorhead

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” – Winston Churchill

At Red Line Equestrian we love sharing our passion for horses. We offer one-on-one and group instruction with plenty of hands-on interaction. Our goal is to foster the future of horse ownership and support our equine friends.

Individual and Group Instruction

We offer individual and group riding lessons for all levels of riders in both dressage and jumping. Lessons are available for ages 10+

Horse Training

Training options include ridden sessions, groundwork, starting under saddle, and introduction of new skills. Horses are trained with gentle but firm methods, learning to respect space and their rider. Under saddle they are taught to move off aids in a supple manner. Specialized training available for OTTBs.

Competitive Show Team Program

Our show team attends 6-10 shows per year and consistently takes home ribbons. Students are encouraged to compete at their own level, no matter where they are at in their riding journey.


Dressage For Everyone

I am a firm believe that every horse can benefit from dressage. Foundationally dressage is teaching the horse how to correctly use their body. They never need to step into a dressage show ring to benefit from the training. Cross-training is a vital part of any horse’s education.


Riding a jump course is just a dressage test with obstacles. Jumpers with strong toplines jump better and are less at risk for injury. A balanced rider with effective aids can navigate a course quicker.


Barrel racing isn’t just about speed, its about managing the horse effectively around three barrels. Responsiveness and the ability to move the horse helps shave off vital seconds.


A strong horse is a healthy horse that has a long career ahead of it. We need our trail horses to be agile, strong, and well balanced for a fun and safe trail ride.


Endurance horses cover a lot of ground and are required to stay healthy and sound the whole way. Using their body properly preserves energy and minimizes injury risk.


Off-Track Thoroughbreds

I specialize in working with OTTBs and retraining them in preparation for their post-track life. Thoroughbreds are a highly intelligent breed with plenty of athleticism. These horses make excellent dressage, jumping, and eventing mounts, as well as loyal companions.


Learning how to properly use their bodies and engage their muscles in a sustainable manner. All TBs I work with are taught a solid dressage foundation to help them have healthy careers.


Just like people, each TB has different things they enjoy. Part of my journey is helping them firnd their niche and setting them up for success on their own journey.


Top 4 finisher in 2 divisions at the 2023 TIP Championships. Entered with 3 horses for 2024.


Top 10 Finisher in multiple disciplines at the 2023 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover. Entered with 2 horses for 2024.

Competitive Program

“When riding a horse, we borrow freedom.” – Helen Thomson

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We love being a part of Annika’s team with Red Line Equestrian. My daughter has grown so much as a rider with her confidence and knowledge. She not only learns about riding, but Annika helps her team with learning about the whole horse, from anatomy to caring for them, and also learning how to help with jobs in the barn. Our daughter doesn’t feel like a just student with Red Line, she feels like she’s a part of a riding family!

Jill Geiger

Annika and Red Line are the absolute best at assessing and curating riders’ goals and challenges to facilitate consistent progress and growth. I have no reservations in recommending her services to anyone at any riding level or for training; your horse is always in safe hands and cared for like a member of the family. I have had nothing but phenomenal experiences and wonderful moments working to discover new disciplines and love of horses.

Rose Hunt

My sessions with Annika are fantastic! She is so great at reading the horse and rider and has a way of encouraging you out of your comfort zone without you realizing it. Her sessions are fun and informative. I leave not only with things to work on but with the knowledge and motivation to do it.

Lori Hagel

We offer clinics and shows year round

Our Team



Kirstin ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes at shows and events. She drives the trailer, manages the stalls, keeps everyone on schedule, and makes sure we eat!


Head Trainer

Annika is responsible for training and teaching. She manages the day to day operations, training and lesson schedule, and coordinates the show team.

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